Tools & Ideas for Independence

For many years, the process of undergraduate school, medical school, residency, fellowship, and subsequently private practice worked without much effort and produced healthy financial returns. Though this world still exists in some cases, it is becoming an endangered species as a recent MGMA survey demonstrates. This presentation provides insights and ideas into how to run a successful independent practice and win in the competitive race for the patient.

The Business Acumen of Independence – Business Owner AND Physician

This presentation offers an overview of tasks, responsibilities and obligations necessary to not only run a successful business but to have it continue to grow and thrive. We will touch on both basics and ideas for new ways of viewing your business. It will also include perspective on the challenges of the future and viewing these challenges as opportunities.

Patient-Centered Care – Buzzword or a New Reality?

You’re hearing about “Patient-Centered Care” a lot – in literature, in the press, in competitors’ brochures. Haven’t you always strived to provide high quality, efficient services in a caring manner? Is this just the latest marketing phrase? Is it just about primary care? Or is it really something different? What does it really mean? Why are there accreditation and recognition programs for it, and why would I want to participate? We’ll explore all these questions as a starting point for a deeper discussion about changing patient expectations and how to adapt your practice.

Strategic Planning with the S.W.O.T. Team

This presentation covers the basics of developing a strategic plan that enables your practice to adapt to changing conditions and new challenges. We will engage in a group exercise using a S.W.O.T. Analysis – identifying your practice’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. For example, understanding who your competitors are and what they offer is one of the backbones for constant improvement in customer service, improved access and improved quality of goods or services. We will tackle this topic and more with a dynamic strategic planning process that constantly evolves to keep your practice moving forward.

Intelligent Business – Giving Analytics Meaning

We are constantly being told that the new healthcare system will depend on “Big Data,” “Business Intelligence” and “Analytics.” What does this mean? Haven’t we always analyzed data? This presentation will challenge you to reconsider whether you are asking the right questions and whether you have the right data and tools to answer them. Learn how analytics adds value to your practice’s financial position and operations. We’ll review some commercial products in the marketplace and also build some of our own!

Expense Management & the Cost of an Appointment

Many consultants discuss ways to improve revenue such as adding ancillary revenue, collecting more up front, and constantly ensuring that your insurance agreements are at their maximum. With the constant pressure of decreasing reimbursement and high deductible plans, cash flow can quickly become a concern. This session is a discussion of ideas to assist in expense management. The presentation will identify effective methods for managing and planning strategically for expenses.

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