Streamlined doc-licensing process offered to states

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In a move seen as facilitating the growth of telemedicine and speeding increased healthcare access to residents in rural areas, the Federation of State Medical Boards has released model legislation (PDF) that could be used to create a multistate agreement, or “compact” system, under which physicians who are licensed in one state can use a streamlined process to be quickly licensed in another.

If enough states get on board, it could quiet any calls to replace state-based physician licensing with a national program.

“The compact is a tried and proven mechanism to address a national issue with a state solution,” said Lisa Robin, the federation’s chief advocacy officer.

The Wyoming State Board of Medicine spearheaded the effort, and Executive Director Kevin Bohnenblust said states like his are accustomed to interstate compacts. The management of the Colorado, Platte and every other river that flows through Wyoming is done through such agreements.

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