How to personalize your healthcare service

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The healthcare market is hugely competitive, giving patients numerous practice options to choose. The healthcare industry has become patient-driven. In such a scenario, patients look for a good experience and affordable service. According to a survey by Deloitte Consulting, customers chose the following statements to define positive healthcare experiences:

  • “Doctor or other healthcare provider spends time with me and does not rush through the exam.”
  • “All my doctors and prescriptions are in-network and covered.”
  • “Minimal or no wait time at doctor’s offices, laboratories and hospital waiting rooms.”
  • “Ability to schedule an appointment via my mobile device.”

And all of these reflect the need for personalization in healthcare. Here, the one-size-fits-all approach will fail to satisfy your patients because everyone responds differently to a treatment, service, or drug. Personalization helps you predict the treatment required, improve the quality of care, and reduce expenditure on healthcare.

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