MU2 – #3 The Same … But More

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This is part 3 of MSOC Health’s series on Getting Ready for MU 2.

Many of the measures in Stage 2 of Meaningful Use are the same as those in Stage 1, however measures that were optional have become required and thresholds have increased.  The following charts provide a summary of these relatively straightforward changes:

Stage 1 Core Measures With Higher Thresholds in Stage 2

Chart 1


Stage 1 Menu Set Measures That Become Core in Stage 2

Chart 2


Note:  Syndromic Surveillance Registry remains a Menu Set Measure for Stage 2

Of course, there are many new and revised criteria as well.  Future Blog Posts will cover these in much greater detail.

Get the CMS Specification Sheet for each Stage 2 Measure here.

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