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Stage 1 included two criteria, requiring practices to complete a test of electronic reporting to state public health entities – directly from your EHR to an immunization registry and to a syndromic surveillance agency. Although both measures were on the optional (Menu Set) list, providers were required to attest at least one of the two measures.

Jeanne Chamberlin Director of EMR Consulting

Jeanne Chamberlin
Director of EMR Consulting

For Stage 2, there are four public health and registry reporting measures, which all require ongoing submission rather than just a one-time test. The measure to electronically report to an immunization registry has become a Core (required) Measure, while the other three are among the optional (Menu Set) measures. In Stage 2, it is important to understand that providers must meet three of the six Menu Set Measures and being excluded from a measure no longer counts as meeting the requirement. As a result, if a provider is excluded from all three of the optional public health and registry reporting requirements in 2014, they will be required to meet the other three Menu Set Measures in order to successfully attest to Meaningful Use.

Stage 2 Measures include:

  • Ongoing electronic submission to an immunization registry (Required Core Measure)
  • Ongoing electronic submission to a syndromic surveillance registry (Menu Set Measure)
  • Ongoing electronic submission to a cancer registry (Menu Set Measure)
  • Ongoing electronic submission to a specialized registry operated by a public health agency or national specialty society (Menu Set Measure)

As a first step, you should determine which of these measures apply to your scope of practice. If you do not administer immunizations that are reportable to the immunization registry in your state, you are excluded from this Core Measure. If you do not diagnose or directly treat cancer, you are excluded from this Menu Set Measure. If you do not collect syndromic surveillance data, you are excluded from this Menu Set Measure.  

All certified EHR software has the capacity to send data electronically in a standardized format; however, in many states, public health agencies are not yet able to receive it in that format. You need to verify the status of any registries with your state and local public health department. In most cases, there is a detailed process that must be followed before you may begin submitting data, and this process may require several weeks or months. If you have submitted an application to participate with a registry within the first 60 days of your reporting period but have not yet completed the on-boarding process, you may attest to meeting this measure in 2014.

You may claim an exclusion to the measure if the applicable registries are not accepting electronic submission at the beginning of your 2014 reporting period (January 1, April 1, July 1 or September 1 depending on the quarter you have selected).  You may also claim an exclusion if you are unable to obtain information about the status of a public health registry. Be sure to maintain written documentation of your application process and/or efforts in accessing information about each registry program as part of your Meaningful Use documentation. Although not yet available, CMS has indicated it will publish a list of agencies and registries that are available for meeting criteria. Keep an eye on the main EHR Incentive Program Website at

Visit the CMS Specification Sheet for each Stage 2 Measure: HERE

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