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MSOC Health offers customized consulting designed to help you maximize your Medicare revenue under Medicare’s MIPS. We tailor our consultation to meet your practice’s unique needs and fill in the gaps where your staff needs support.

Depending on your practice’s needs, MSOC’s MIPS packages may include:

  • Customized training to help your administrators understand the requirements and the financial impact on your practice
  • Assistance in obtaining an EIDM login required to receive CMS feedback reports
  • Quarterly review of performance in all four components and calculation of Composite Performance Score for 2017 year-to-date
  • Assistance with attestation and/or data submission in January-February 2018; access to MSOC discount codes for selected Qualified Registries
  • Reminders of program deadlines applicable to your practice
  • Unlimited questions and answers via email or phone regarding 2017 submission
  • Review of 2017 results and assistance with informal review/appeal process

As part of our consultation, our MIPS experts deliver a comprehensive plan to help you:

  • Select reporting as a group or individual clinicians
  • Identify the best quality measures and quality reporting approach for your practice
  • Evaluate your QRUR reports to understand historical resource use and steps you can take to improve scores in this area
  • Identify appropriate clinical performance improvement activities to achieve the full 15 points assigned to this component

Email MSOC practice consultant Jeanne Chamberlin or call us 919.442.2422 for pricing information and more details on how MIPS consulting can improve your practice’s bottom line.

The Power of MSOC’s MIPS Consulting

Bradley Scheel

Dear Cam,


A favorite hobby of mine is to give a solid beat down to someone who is either incompetent or failing at their job miserably. Of equal pleasure to me is to give praise to someone who is kicking ass. Hence, the purpose of my e-mail.


I have asked for MSOC’s help each year on MU and PQRS because your team makes it so easy for me. So much in fact I have gotten particularly lazy because I know Jeanne is going to figure it out for me. So going into MIPS I was hoping that I could rely on my consigliore to get me through the next phase.


I have just started going through the information that Jeanne and Brandy have put together for me on MIPS for 2017. I just want to say these two have taken this service to a whole new level. When I met with Brandy and Jeanne earlier this year, I actually walked away from the meeting going “Holy S$@t, we got this covered!”


I have to say that I was blown away in taking a look at these materials yesterday. The approach, the methodology, the clarity and the presentation are all world class. I am truly impressed. This lets me know exactly where I am and what I need to work on.


I don’t know if you guys are utilizing this methodology just for your clients, but I can tell you this is a worthy proposition for any practice. I would be happy to be your advocate If you are pitching this to anyone else.


Thanks for the hard work. I look forward to finalizing 2017.


Bradley Scheel
Practice Administrator
Raleigh Endocrine Associates

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