The Next Frontier of Healthcare

Medical practices today face dramatic and rapid change – health care reform, the evolving ACO and medical home concepts, use of mobile information technology, acquisition by health systems and hospitals (again). These are active shifts that will dramatically impact the future of your practice and your own personal career path. In this seminar, we discuss ways to position your practice to thrive in the changing healthcare landscape.

Patients as Consumers of Healthcare

Healthcare today has moved from the Paternalistic Model of care to a Facilitative Model of care, where the patient expects to be educated, informed and most importantly involved. All businesses know that it is much easier to “hold onto” customers (patients) rather than trying to attract new ones. This presentation will focus on how these changes can become opportunities for your practice. This presentation will touch upon general marketing approaches, social media and technology.

Tools & Ideas for Independence

For many years, the process of undergraduate school, medical school, residency, fellowship, and subsequently private practice worked without much effort and produced healthy financial returns. Though this world still exists in some cases, it is becoming an endangered species as a recent MGMA survey demonstrates. This presentation provides insights and ideas into how to run a successful independent practice and win in the competitive race for the patient.

The Business Acumen of Independence – Business Owner AND Physician

This presentation offers an overview of tasks, responsibilities and obligations necessary to not only run a successful business but to have it continue to grow and thrive. We will touch on both basics and ideas for new ways of viewing your business. It will also include perspective on the challenges of the future and viewing these challenges as opportunities.

Strategic Planning with the S.W.O.T. Team

This presentation covers the basics of developing a strategic plan that enables your practice to adapt to changing conditions and new challenges. We will engage in a group exercise using a S.W.O.T. Analysis – identifying your practice’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. For example, understanding who your competitors are and what they offer is one of the backbones for constant improvement in customer service, improved access and improved quality of goods or services. We will tackle this topic and more with a dynamic strategic planning process that constantly evolves to keep your practice moving forward.

Intelligent Business – Giving Analytics Meaning

We are constantly being told that the new healthcare system will depend on “Big Data,” “Business Intelligence” and “Analytics.” What does this mean? Haven’t we always analyzed data? This presentation will challenge you to reconsider whether you are asking the right questions and whether you have the right data and tools to answer them. Learn how analytics adds value to your practice’s financial position and operations. We’ll review some commercial products in the marketplace and also build some of our own!

Managing Expense, Revenue and Hopefully Profit in Today’s Medical Practice

The goal of this presentation is to discuss approaches to improve revenue such as adding ancillary revenue, collecting more upfront, and continually ensuring that your insurance agreements are at their maximum. With the constant pressure of decreasing reimbursement and high deductible plans, cash flow can quickly become a concern. This session is a forum of ideas to assist in revenue and expense management impacting overall profitability. The presentation will identify effective methods for managing and planning strategically for revenue and expenses.

Tips for Enhancing Provider Schedules to Increase Revenue

Today’s practice is under duress from many sectors both internally and externally, and the schedule is no different. What used to be a static list of “what’s up or who’s up next” is now more a dynamic system of expectations. The schedule is an information gold mine and also a matrix of complexity that practices today must not only utilize but manage more effectively than ever. It is a core component of managing customer expectations and internal resources (both capital and human), and it serves as the first point of entry for new customers. This presentation will help practices look at the schedule differently than in the past, and quite simply, to maximize the value of the schedule to the practice.

Common Pitfalls of Insurance Billing

No doubt about it: money talks. The classic understanding that there can be no mission without a margin stands true in any business. Though this topic may be discussed in numerous management meetings across America and to sometimes a point of ad nauseam, it is still an extremely relevant topic. This presentation will seek to elicit new perspectives on tackling new problems that are now presenting in the RCM space. It will also cover both the known, typically experienced issues and some of the new nuances that the healthcare industry is facing. In addition to the bullet point approach, the meeting will also be an active discussion soliciting insight from the room to share and network with industry peers to pull back the curtains so to speak on this element of the RCM process.

Key Metrics in a Healthcare Practice

Ever played a game for fun … with no winner or loser. In business, this is extremely difficult to do. One way in which a practice can maintain an understanding of its strategic, operational and financial positioning is by utilizing key performance indicators (KPI). A healthcare KPI or metric is a well-defined performance measurement that is used to monitor, analyze and optimize all relevant healthcare processes. This presentation will highlight and review several of the key indicators that a practice should consider using when comparing its own position. Discussion will involve defining what some of the indicators mean and identifying source data for comparative purposes.

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