Be on the Lookout!: 2017 Cigna Care Designation Letters

 In Provider Notes

Cigna is mailing letters to in-network practices this month which contain information on the 2017 Cigna Care Designation program.

The program identifies participating Cigna providers in 19 different specialties who meet or exceed specific quality and cost-efficiency criteria for performance. The designation provides patients with incentives to select a specialist recognized for experience, quality, cost and location. Care designations are listed in the Cigna provider directory, and many patients who see a designated provider are assigned lower coinsurance and/or copays than they would if they were to select a participating but non-Cigna Care designated provider.

You can learn more about the program, how designation is determined, and how to appeal your status if you are not selected at Cigna’s Care Designation website. Please be on the lookout for a letter from Cigna alerting your practice of your 2017 Cigna Care designation status, and forward a copy to your client analyst when you receive it.

View the sample letter here.

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