Interdependent physician practice is here to stay

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We hear a lot about the death of the independent physician practice. But perhaps the more important discussion is about the death of practicing medicine independently. That is, the days when individual physician groups could operate their businesses and treat patients independently and without regard to the surrounding network of other physicians, nursing facilities, health networks, social workers, case managers, and other support is over.

It doesn’t matter whether the physician works for a large hospital system or a physician-owned practice: no longer should that physician view their patients within a narrow spectrum of a focused problem. That way of practicing medicine should go the way of the rotary telephone and the outhouse.

Today, as many physicians know, we have much better ways to practice medicine, in all specialties. The new way must be interdependent and encompass a more complete picture of the patient, including social, psychological, and other issues which may need to be addressed.

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