PREMIUM CONTENT: Changes for the 2018 MIPS Reporting Period
Changes for the 2018 MIPS Reporting Period

Posted: January 2018

This premium 4-part video series is designed for medical practices that reported MIPS in 2017. It focuses on aspects of MIPS that have changed for the 2018 reporting period. For more information and access to this page, contact Jeanne Chamberlin at

PREMIUM CONTENT: MIPS 2017 – Avoiding a 4% Medicare Pay Cut
MIPS Avoid the penalty

Posted: October 2017

MSOC Health is offering a specialized “Avoid the Penalty” consulting package to help medical practices create a plan of success to meet MIPS deadlines. As part of this package, practices have access to this customized “Avoid a 4% Medicare pay cut” webinar and then a follow-up to a practice consultant. For more information and access to this page, contact Jeanne Chamberlin at

How to Accept the Challenge of Upfront Collections

Posted: April 2015

The term “upfront collections” is the healthcare industry’s fancy way to say paying for services that were rendered. The biggest challenge for medical practices collecting upfront collections isn’t the technology. It’s cultural. Similar to when co-pays were introduced in the 1990’s, it’s essential to make your front-end staff comfortable to ask patients and make your patients understand this new protocol.

2015 Update: Medicare Penalty Programs

Posted: March 2015

October 1, 2015, will officially usher in the transition to ICD-10, a conversion the healthcare environment has not experienced in decades. Significant changes to provider documentation create challenges for coders and billers that risk delays, queries, and claims rejections. It’s important to START NOW and learn how to mitigate those challenges with early and thorough preparation.

ICD-10 Will Change Everything

Posted: September 2014

Can your medical practice afford a 7-9% drop in your Medicare payments? Medicare programs that started out as incentives have now completely transitioned to full penalty programs. Payments in 2017 may be reduced by as much as 9% if you fail to successfully participate in Medicare Penalty Programs such as PQRS, Value-Based Modifiers (VBM) or Meaningful Use.

The most important thing to understand about these programs is that you must participate each year in order to avoid penalties 2 years in the future. And the requirements change annually (sometimes more often).

Value-Based Modifiers: 2014 Two-Part Series

MSOC Health has developed a two-part Value-Based Modifiers (VBM) video series to give practices the details on Medicare’s new Pay-for-Value Approach. In the future, your Medicare payment rates will be adjusted based on how you compare to your peers in cost and quality. This new VBM program evaluates quality based on the PQRS measures you submit. View the videos to learn the basics and the steps you need to take now.

VBM Basics: Part 1

Posted: July 2014

VBM Basics: Part 2

Posted: July 2014

PQRS Basics: 2014 Video Series

Navigate the waters of PQRS with MSOC’s YouTube series! Each video covers the basics of the 2014 PQRS program according to your practice’s size. Learn at your own pace, and use the videos below as your step-by-step guide towards reaching PQRS compliance for your practice.

PQRS Basics: Solo Providers

Posted: April 2014

PQRS Basics: Groups of 2-10 Providers

Posted: April 2014

PQRS Basics: 10+ Providers

Posted: April 2014

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