IBM Watson to roll out clinical trial matching at Wisconsin cancer treatment center

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It’s difficult to match oncology patients to the most appropriate clinical trial. But IBM Watson is using cognitive computing to better match patients with clinical studies. One of the early adopters is Froedtert & MCW Cancer Network, part of a regional health network based in Milwaukee, WI, which is slated to start using Watson for Clinical Trial Matching this fall.

A clinician submits a particular patient’s health information, and then Watson analyzes the patient’s data against clinical trial databases. It then offers feedback to the physician on the patient’s eligibility for specific clinical studies. IBM ($IBM) is working with Froedtert & MCW specifically for its cancer network, which includes four locations in southeastern Wisconsin.

The need for such an approach will continue to grow as trials increasingly factor in genetic components as personalized medicine continues to come to the fore–requiring the targeting of specific, and perhaps small, groups of patients who may have no natural affiliation, like patient groups in orphan disease.

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