How millennial parents will reshape healthcare marketing

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Amid an increasingly consumer-centered healthcare industry and the emerging influence of millennials on the market, healthcare providers are overhauling their pediatric marketing strategies for millennial parents, according to new research from the marketing firm Marcus Thomas LLC.

The firm surveyed 1,667 parents of at least one child under 18, with millennials (born between 1980 and 2000) comprising 40 percent of respondents, according to materials provided to FierceHealthcare. Among millennial parents, online resources are increasingly more influential in their healthcare choices than doctors, the research found. A full 23 percent of millennial respondents don’t ask physicians for referrals, while those who do consult hospital websites and their insurers before following recommendations.

“The biggest shifts [among consumers] are the much greater reliance on their own research in choosing pediatric health,” Marcus Thomas Senior Vice President Phil Johnston told FierceHealthcare in an exclusive interview. “For earlier generations, the physician played a very strong role, especially among Boomers. We found it’s a much smaller role among millennial parents.”

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