Payer Contract Negotiations

MSOC’s expertise can work in your favor

The strength of managed care contracts has a huge impact on the profitability of physician practices. Today’s reimbursement environment is more difficult than ever to navigate. Factors such as increased competition from other providers, overall downward pressure on reimbursements, and fewer payers in the marketplace are collectively resulting in lower reimbursement rates and a greater burden on the practice to prove their value to the payer.

MSOC Health has extensive experience in negotiating managed care contracts on behalf of our clients in a variety of healthcare specialties. Because we work with all the major payers, we understand their plans going in, and we match their offerings with your specific reimbursement needs. We know what factors are negotiable and how to avoid the pitfalls of unfavorable terms. Best of all, we have one-on-one relationships that can make the difference in ensuring a successful contract.

With MSOC’s consulting services, we bring experience in these areas to the negotiating table to benefit your practice:

  • In-depth knowledge of major payer plans
  • Plan assessment to match offerings to specific practice needs
  • Understanding of unique factors impacting specialty practices
  • Guidance on negotiating terms

Let MSOC Health help you negotiate the most favorable payor terms

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