Business Development

Increase patient retention and new patient acquisition

A decade ago, independent practices had to do very little in the way of business development and marketing. New patients flowed in through word of mouth and physician referrals, and current patients stuck around for generations. Those times have changed, however.

Patients today have become consumers. With greater access to information about wellness and possible diagnosis of their health issues, patients are taking control of their own healthcare experience. They’re also seeking out practice and physician reviews online to decide where they want to place their trust. In addition, many practices have noticed their physician referral channels drying up, as colleagues join hospital systems and begin to refer inside the system.

This changing environment is requiring medical practices to be more strategic when it comes to patient retention and new patient acquisition.

As a component of our consulting expertise, MSOC Health can help you understand the new “patient-consumer” and develop a plan for how to stay engaged. We can address a wide range of factors and tactics to help drive your revenue, including:

  • Physician referral strategies
  • Patient satisfaction and overall experience
  • Websites and social media networks
  • Retail strategies

Need guidance to develop new business channels for your practice?


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