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WEBINAR: Understanding Quality Resource and Utilization Reports (QRURs)

October 20, 2015 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Get a Deeper Understanding of the VBM Program and Learn How to Interpret the QRURs

Future Medìcare payments for medical practices will be adjusted annually based on how your practice compares to a national average on cost and quality. The relatively new Value-Based Modifier Program (VBM) can result in payment cuts of up to 2% in 2016 – cuts that are in addition to a possible 2% reduction from other Medicare Quality Programs (Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and Meaningful Use).

The VBM program started impacting reimbursement in 2015 based on performance in 2013, but only for medical practices with 100+ providers. Next year in 2016, the program will impact payment for practices with 10+ providers, based on performance in 2014. For practices with less than 10 providers, the program really starts with performance during this calendar year and reimbursement impact in 2017. Many managers and physicians in these small and mid-sized practices know little if anything about the program. Some don’t know it exists; others know about it but don’t understand it. The program itself uses complicated statistical analysis that feels like a black box to most providers and managers.

In this session, expert speaker Jeanne Chamberlin will provide an overview of the VBM program and focus on how to read and interpret the Quality Resource and Utilization Reports (QRURs) to identify action items that can have a real impact on your future reimbursement.

The QRURs reports with 2014 data, released in September 2014, is a voluminous piece of information and difficult to wade through. This session will use samples of that data and simplify the information for you and turn complex regulatory language into easy-to-understand terms so that your practice can focus on the things required to be successful. Read more.

Session Agenda:

Get an understanding of the following:

  • Pay for Performance is more than a buzzword. Medìcare’s Value Based Modifier Program is the cornerstone of CMS’s efforts to lead the transition.
  • Under the VBM Program, CMS will be comparing your practice’s performance on cost and quality to a national mean. Practices that are outliers will see substantial increases or decreases in future Medìcare payments.
  • The VBM program applies to all medical practices, regardless of specialty or size.
  • Quality measures used by the VBM program are reported by the group through the Physìcian Quality Reporting System (PQRS); cost and outcome measures come from Medìcare claims data.
  • Quality Resource and Utilization Reports (QRURs) are published annually and provide details on your practices performance along with comparisons to national means.
  • The QRURs include detailed data that can be used to drill down and identify the drivers of your performance results.
  • And more.


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October 20, 2015
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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