EHR Analysis & Selection

Planning and implementation of Electronic Health Records for your practice is a major undertaking requiring significant changes in all work areas. MSOC Health will help you assess your situation – finances, operational priorities and strategic direction – to determine how EHR fits for you.

We’ll evaluate physician and staff attitudes toward change and estimate the potential disruption to your current patient volumes. We’ll help you establish a clear set of goals and objectives by which to measure success. We will also assist in matching your needs to the available products.

Our hands-on EHR consulting includes:

Readiness assessment

  • Assess financial position
  • Understand practice culture
  • Identify potential implementation barriers
  • Assess technology sophistication
  • Identify goals and objectives
  • Develop preliminary budget and ROI

EHR selection

  • Lead selection committee
  • Confirm goals and identify selection criteria
  • Lead hardware decisions
  • Negotiate vendor contracts and discounts
  • Develop return on investment analysis (ROI)

MSOC Health is an extension of your practice, providing longterm business strategies, as well as proven methods to keep your practice operating at peak efficiency


MSOC offers a full range of practice consulting services

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