At MSOC Health, our mission is to provide the business expertise and knowledge that will assist medical providers in proactively adapting to the changing healthcare environment and allow them to achieve their individual goals and lifestyle choices. We work with each practice to understand its unique characteristics and culture, provide information, and recommend approaches that will move the practice toward its vision of success.

MSOC Health was founded in 1997 by Cameron Cox, III, MHA, FACMPE, as a medical billing company. From his early days as a practice administrator, Cox saw the difficulty practices had in acquiring and maintaining the in-house expertise needed to efficiently manage the revenue cycle. Many business functions of a medical practice are best handled outside of daily operations, so MSOC found its niche in helping clients improve and manage this process.

As MSOC has grown over the years, the healthcare industry has undergone massive changes. This has brought about new complexities for practice management, and MSOC has responded to our clients’ needs. We have built a team of veteran practice administrators and MHA graduates who have current, in-depth knowledge on the many issues physicians, practice administrators and hospitals face.

Today, we not only offer revenue cycle management, but also consulting services to physicians looking to start a practice, improve business operations, or develop strategies for enhanced business opportunities.

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