MU2 – #2 Changes to MU Stage 1 that Begin in 2014

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This is part 2 of MSOC Health’s series on Getting Ready for MU 2. If you attested to Meaningful Use and earned EHR Incentive funds for 2011 and/or 2012, you will need to start now to prepare for Meaningful Use Stage 2 in 2014. This blog series will help our clients in understanding the new requirements. Watch for part 3 to come later this month.

Jeanne Chamberlin Director of EMR Consulting

Jeanne Chamberlin
Director of EMR Consulting

If you began your participation in the EHR Incentive (Meaningful Use) program in 2013, you won’t need to meet Stage 2 criteria until 2015. But things have gotten a bit more complicated than what you did last year. Here are the key changes you need to know about:

  • You will be required to have a functioning patient portal and provide access to 50% of the patients seen during the reporting period. This new Core measure replaces both a current Core Measure (Electronic Copy of Medical Record) and a current Menu Measure (10% of patients have electronic access).
  • You must report more clinical quality measures. Beginning in 2014, you’ll need to report on 9 quality measures with at least 1 measure in each of 3 quality domains. Previously, you reported on 6 measures (3 core/alternate core and 3 optional).
  • An exclusion on a Menu Set Measure will no longer count as meeting the measure. You must attest on 5 of 9 Menu Set Measures. To report on fewer than 5 measures, you must be excluded from all remaining measures.
  • The Vital Signs Measure has been changed to separate the two components: blood pressure recorded beginning at age 3 instead of age 2, and height/weight recorded for patients of all ages. A provider who feels either (or both) of these components is outside his scope of service can claim an exclusion from that component and report on the remaining component. Note that this change is optional for providers attesting in 2013 as well.

Read the CMS Tipsheet on Changes to Stage 1.

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